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Going through a divorce or separation?

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Our Ethos


Ethos Family Solutions is the affordable alternative to a divorce solicitor. 





We are based in South Wales but assist clients throughout England & Wales (and further afield as long as your case relates to the jurisdiction of England & Wales).


Ethos Family Solutions is owned and managed by Paula Tanner. Paula was a former family law & divorce solicitor based in South Wales and during that time she accumulated extensive experience over many years specialising in divorce, separation, children, finance and all aspects of family law.


Paula knows how important it is to have help and support when you are facing a family law issue, but she also knows how difficult it is to meet the cost of legal advice if legal aid isn't available. We have extensive professional experience in divorce, separation, children, finances and all aspects of family law. 


When Paula was in practise, she was a Resolution Accredited Specialist in Children

cases (child arrangements, child contact, residence etc), Cohabitation Breakdown  cases (living together; including same-sex and opposite -sex relationships) and Domestic Abuse, as well as an Advanced member of the Law Society's Family Panel (one of very few in Wales) so she has a range of knowledge and experience which she can use to assist you in resolving your issue.  


Although Paula is still entitled to practise as a solicitor, she has seen first-hand how difficult it is for people to deal with divorce, separation & family law issues on their own and how traumatic it can be for people if they have nowhere to turn for help. That led her to consider how she could help, and so Ethos Family Solutions evolved as a Mckenzie Friend service based in South Wales, with the intention of providing the help and support people need, on a more affordable, flexible and accessible basis - that's Our Ethos.


Contact us to discuss your case and how we can help. 



We are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and do not provide services as solicitors. This means that we are able to charge lower fees - often less than a quarter of the fees a solicitor might charge - but you must bear in mind that, although we are insured, our insurance cover will provide much lower protection for you than that which will be provided by the SRA if you instruct a solicitor.