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We can help you with the whole of your divorce from start to finish, or we can just have a chat with you at the outset for you to work out what you need to do and when – or we can do anything in between.  It’s your family, your divorce, so you are in control.


We can prepare all the paperwork for you including the divorce petition.Or we can check a divorce petition that you have prepared yourself, to give you peace of mind that you haven’t missed anything.


We can help you with the next steps if your ex refuses to sign or decides to defend the divorce.

And we can help you work out what other issues need to be addressed – it’s rarely just a divorce that is needed, there are usually issues related to children or finances. 


You are also likely to need advice about issues such as your will, your house (whether it’s in joint names or not) etc.


We also have fixed fees for a divorce petition and you won’t need a solicitor at any point, unless you really want one – we really are the affordable alternative to a solicitor.


Contact us to discuss how we could help.