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Fees last reviewed October 2021



Our standard hourly rate is £80* per hour. 


However we offer some services on a fixed fee basis.  If you don't see the service you require below, contact us to discuss the fixed fee options available for you.


Simple Agreed Divorce - £195*


Preparation of Children Applications - £175*


Preparation of a Consent Order or Separation Agreement (following an agreement reached between you**) - £295**


Agreed divorce and consent order package - £395**


Financial application support - including application Form A, Form Eand supplementary documents - £250***


Hearings of up to half a day - £250****


Hearings of up to one day - £400 ****


Letterbox Service - £80 per month


Helping with preparation of statements and other documents, or assisting at court is usually charged at the hourly rate but this can be discussed if and when appropriate in your individual case.


* Fees do not include compulsory court fees.  These can vary but can be found by clicking this link.

** The fee for a consent order does not include advice and assistance to negotiate an agreement.  It simply includes drawing up the consent order from your own agreement.  Legal advice is not provided on the suitablity of the agreement.

*** documents required up to the first hearing (FDA - First Directions Appointment).  Fee applies to applicant or respondent.

**** if the hearing is in-person and the travelling time from Swansea is more than one hour, there may be further charges for travelling time.

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Monthly Payment Plans


Subscribe to one of our monthly payment plans for even more affordable advice and support.




Monthly Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

- The monthly payment gives you a discount on the number of hours you pay for.

- The number of hours paid for must be used within that month; they cannot be carried over and refunds will 

  not be given.

- Payments can be cancelled by you at any time but you will then be charged at our hourly rate for any

  service/advice you receive from us. 

- Applies to telephone, email and skype advice and support only.

- Payment for the relevant month must be made before advice and support can be received under the


- Any advice provided outside of the subscription (eg if you go over the hours you have paid for under your

  subscription or if you need face-to-face advice and support, or support at court) will be charged at our hourly