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If you are getting divorced, you are likely to need to deal with financial matters.  That might simply be closing joint bank accounts, but it might involve more complex issues that you haven’t yet considered, such as pensions, businesses and maintenance.


We can help you with all aspects of financial settlements on divorce.  We can help you work out what proposals to make, what offers might be acceptable, and ultimately whether a court application might be necessary.


If you do need to go to court, we can prepare the court application

for you, or check an application you have prepared.  We can help you deal with all the court’s requirements, such as preparing financial statements, questionnaires etc.  We can also attend court with you and advise you on what to say and do, and what proposals you

might make. 


If you and your ex are able to reach an agreement, you should consider having that drawn up into a Consent Order to ensure that it is binding.  If you don’t draw up a Consent Order, either of you could potentially make a financial claim against the other at any time in the future (even years after the divorce is finalised) and that claim would take into account your financial position at that time, not just at the time of the divorce.  


You will even need a Consent Order if you have both agreed not to claim anything against the other and to keep what you both currently have.  If you don't, then it is perfectly possible that your ex might make a claim against you at any time in the future.


So, it is vital to get any financial agreement properly drawn up.  And we can do that for you, preparing the Financial Consent Order and advising you on the financial information needed to support it.


You won’t need a solicitor at any point, whether you go to court or not, unless you decide you want one – we really are the affordable alternative to a solicitor.


Contact us to discuss your options and how we could help.