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Grandparents can be the forgotten victims of family law disputes. Grandparents who have previously been very actively involved in their Grandchildren’s lives can find themselves pushed out and left with not contact with their Grandchildren, seemingly almost on a whim.


But children in the middle of a separation are already going through a lot of upheaval and are likely to be finding it difficult to deal with that emotionally. Grandparents who have always been there, and who the children feel they can rely on, provide a good source of stability for children in what seems like the shifting sands of their home life during separation.


Sometimes Grandparents can find themselves unable to see

their Grandchildren even though the parents are still together, perhaps as a result of a family dispute.  Whatever the reason for the lack of contact, we can help.


Grandparents don’t have an automatic right to apply for contact with their Grandchildren (now known as Child Arrangements Orders) but they can apply to the court for permission to apply (‘Leave’) when making their application. 


We have years of experience in helping Grandparents to regain contact with their much-loved Grandchildren and we are sure we’d be able to assist you too. When Paula was in practise, she was a Resolution Accredited Specialist as well as an Advanced Member of the Law Society's Family Panel (one of very few in Wales), specialising through both in in Child Law, so we have a huge amount of experience in helping people reach appropriate, child-focussed arrangements for their children.  We try to do this by empowering you to reach an agreement with your ex, but if court proceedings become necessary, we don’t shy away from that.


We’ll try to help you reach an agreement with the parents first but, if it seems that you can’t reach an agreement, we’ll help you apply to the court.  We will prepare the court application for you if you choose, or you can prepare it and we can check it for you.  We will also attend court with you and advise you on what to say and do and what proposals to make. 


You won’t need a solicitor at any point, unless you decide you want one – we really are the affordable alternative to a solicitor.


Contact us to discuss your options and to see how we could help.