'Letterbox' Service


Have you experienced a bad break up but still need to communicate with your ex about the children or any other issue?


Are you concerned that your ex will bombard you with constant texts or emails under the pretext of discussing those issues?


Do you or your ex have an injunction against the other and you’re now struggling to find an affordable way to allow communication about important issues between you without breaking the injunction and putting your both in a difficult position?


Ethos Family Solutions can help.


We can act as your 'letterbox plus', providing an email address for all communications, which we will check and, if they are appropriate (not harassing etc) we’ll forward them on, and do the same with the reply, so that you can keep lines of communication open in a healthy, balanced way.


For an affordable monthly fee of £65, which can be divided between you both if you agree, or paid by one of you, we can assist in resolving communications between you which will be of benefit to your children and to you both in the long-term.


If you'd like to know more, or to set up your letterbox, get in touch.