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Separation / Breakdown of your Living-Together Relationship


If you weren’t married but have been living with your partner (known as ‘cohabiting’) you will need specific advice if your relationship breaks down. 


People often think that they are in a ‘common-law marriage’ if they’ve been together for a certain length of time, but in fact there is no such thing under

the law of England & Wales so the law surrounding the breakdown of a cohabiting relationship can be complex.


There are limited financial claims which can be made when a relationship breaks down between unmarried people, but there are possibilities to explore.  Those possibilities can be complicated and always require specific advice.  Paula was a Resolution Accredited Specialist in Cohabitation Breakdown whilst in practise, so this is an area she knows a lot about.


If this affects you, get in touch to discuss your options.  You won’t need to see a solicitor as well, unless you really want to  - we really are the affordable alternative to a solicitor.