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What do people say about Ethos Family Solutions?


"Amazing help & advice without the expensive solicitor price tag. Would 100% recommend, THANK YOU!"

Ms D


"Paula is an authority in this area and great to deal with."

Mrs T (Solicitor)


"Paula's knowledge of the law is fantastic so you can be confident that the service you receive will be of the highest quality."

Mrs J (Solicitor)


"If you are looking for someone caring, understanding and compassionate then give Ethos Family Solutions a call. One of the nicest people I have ever met and always had sound advice."

Mrs N


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I can't thank Paula enough for helping me through a very difficult period in my life. Paula gave accurate and timely advice and was always professional and prompt with her responses. Paula helped guide me through a confusing divorce process by assisting with checks on the divorce paper work I had completed and also helping to resolve the financial side of things with a carefully thought out and detailed Consent Order that was submitted to, and approved, by the courts. Paula's vast experience on such family matters was truly invaluable and the modest cost while associated with the services helped to keep the overall costs to a minimum. Thank you Paula, I can't recommend you enough!!
Have to drop in to give a massive shout out to Paula Tanner!
I am having a few issues with my son and his father. I spent hours searching on google the other night to try to find some advice to help me work out what to do next for the best. Then I got in touch with Paula and asked if she could help me out....
in just a 15 minute Zoom chat, she helped me to understand the situation, know what is my next step, and let me know how she can help me take that next step.
I feel so much happier and more relaxed about the situation now.... thank you so much Paula!
If anyone has any family law issues they need advice with, Paula is fantastic!
As a former Family Law solicitor who made the decision to help folks at AFFORDABLE prices, Paula is a specialist in such matters as Child Arrangements. I can personally attest to her professionalism and sincere wish to resolve problems with minimal fuss and cost. An excellent McKenzie Friend, but much more.
on first contacting Paula regarding my divorce I was so unsure of everything but I felt instantly at ease and knew I was in safe hands. Paula explained everything to me so simple and matter of fact as legal jargon can be so confusing. She helped answer all questions i had no matter how silly I thought they were, she was so professional and her understanding of the law is exceptional I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who needs help.
Thank you again Paula
Straight forward knowledgeable advice
Personally, I found Paula to be understanding, compassionate and reliable. Her knowledge of the legal system and her commitment to help people who fall outside the remit of legal aid was inspiring. I never thought I could face a messy court battle again. Also, whereas certain legal people charge fees for just replying to an email, Paula did this as part of her stated fees. Catrina Roe
I was very pleased by the services provided by Paula. I felt well supported throughout the process of the divorce. I received advice and detailed information to help me make choices and come to my own decisions without being pushed. It is a very reasonable fee and Paula is friendly, caring and professional. I definitely recommend her services.
Great service! Really recommend it.
I have been considering divorce for some time but the thought of going to a solicitor felt wrong. I had met Paula many months ago and considered contacting her when the time was right. Last week the time was right and we met. Paula was easy to talk to and it was evident that she had compassion about my situation, her easy manner and professional approach together made taking the initial step much more bearable. She was clear about the process and I feel more confident about taking the next few steps when the time is right. Thank you Paula.
I would like to thank Ms Tanner for all the professional help she gave me while I was going through my Divorce.

I couldn’t afford the extortionate fees of a conventional Solicitor. Yet Ms Tanner provided an alternative more affordable option. Ms Tanner gave me highly professional guidance in how to conduct my own divorce and supported me through the minefield of paper work I had to complete.

If you're representing yourself in court because you can’t afford a solicitor, I would highly recommend that you speak to Ms Tanner who can give you additional advice, guidance and support with your family law issues.

I would like to thank Ms Tanner for all the help I had to resolve my matter.

Thank You Ms Tanner for providing this Service.
We received excellent advice from Paula which helped us through a difficult family suituation. Paula gave us the confidence to complete the court forms and advice about the process. There was no hard sell of any services, just helpful advice and guidance,all for what I considered to be a very reasonable fee.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Ethos Family Solutions.