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How Ethos Family Solutions can help - Mrs D's story

Posted on 1st November, 2017

If you’ve checked out this series of blogs previously, you’ll know that 

Ethos Family Solutions has helped many people dealing with all manner of issues arising from their divorce or separation, including arrangements for children and finances.


Here’s the story of another happy client, Mrs D.


Mrs D’s story …


 Mrs D had been married to Mr D for a number of years. They had three  

 children together, before they separated in acrimonious circumstances

 which involved Mrs D having to phone the police and then taking out a

 non-molestation order (often simply called an ‘injunction’) to prevent Mr D  

 from contacting her again.



Paula assisted Mrs D with her divorce, preparing the paperwork at every stage and advising on the appropriate next steps. Mr D, however, did not cooperate at all and refused to sign the Acknowledgment form, which was the only thing he needed to sign to enable the divorce to progress. Mr D believed that refusing to sign the form enabled him to retain control over Mrs D, thinking that he would be able to prevent her from getting the divorce she wanted to enable her to move on with her life.


However, Paula was able to prepare an application to the court for Mrs D to ask the court for an order of “deemed service”. This meant that the court was asked to accept that Mr D had received the divorce petition and to proceed without his signature or his consent.  The court granted this application and the divorce proceeded with no further involvement by Mr D.


Mrs D didn’t need to attend court as it was all dealt with on paper and the divorce was finalised a few months after it was first issued. Mrs D was relieved to finally get the closure she needed.


In recommending our services, Mrs D said -


“Amazing help & advice without the expensive solicitor price tag. Would 100% recommend, THANK YOU!”


We know how difficult it can be for someone representing themselves to know what to do when they hit a problem with the process, and that can mean that the process stalls altogether and the people involved can’t move on with their lives. We can help you deal with any issues which arise in your divorce or separation, whether expected or unexpected.


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