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Based in South Wales but covering the whole of England & Wales, Ethos Family Solutions helps anyone dealing with the legalities of the breakdown of a relationship - whether you are a man or women, married or cohabiting, in an opposite-sex or same-sex relationship, no matter how long ago your relationship broke down.  We can also help you before you take any final decision to separate, perhaps if you want to find out your rights and options on divorce or separation, or to get a plan in place about the best steps to take for you. We also help with grandparents' contact, and help other family members such as aunts and uncles.


We do not practise as solicitors so will assist you in a non-regulated capacity - sometimes termed a "McKenzie Friend"- providing professional guidance and assistance in dealing with the issues you are facing following the breakdown of your relationship. This means that we provide practical help and guidance on the legal issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship, including

  • understanding and undertaking the legal process for a divorce (including completing the paperwork for you if you choose),
  • helping you sort out finances on your divorce or separation (including helping you prepare a Cnsent Order if appropriate), 
  • helping you come up with appropriate arrangements for your children (child contact, residence etc) following separation, 
  • we will also assist you at court if necessary. 

We also assist grandparents who want to resume or retain contact with grandchildren, as well as assisting other family members such as aunts and uncles. See What is a McKenzie Friend? for more detail on the service which can be provided by Ethos Family Solutions.


Some people prefer to have support and guidance throughout their case.  Others prefer to just have a quick chat at the beginning of the process or even when they realise that their relationship is finally over, to work out what steps they need to take.  The beauty of the McKenzie Friend service provided by Ethos Family Solutions is that we can provide as much or as little support and guidance as you need, tailored to your situation.












We can also work on a consultancy basis, looking at your case to date and helping you work out what you need to do, or could do, next.  You can then choose to continue with your case alone or we can assist you further with the next steps if

you wish


We are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and do not provide services as solicitors. This means that we are able to charge lower fees - often less than a quarter of the fees a solicitor might charge - but you must bear in mind that, although we are insured, our insurance cover will provide much lower protection for you than that which will be provided by the SRA if you instruct a solicitor.